No more Municipal Property taxes (TAP) and cadastral diagrams: Simpler and easier property sales

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No more Municipal Property taxes (TAP) and cadastral diagrams: Simpler and easier property sales

What changes will be made to reduce bureaucracy and accelerate the process for the sale of a property

The government is advocating for the abolishment of the need to submit a certificate that no Municipal Property Taxes are owed from the municipalities regarding the sale of properties and for the postponement for a year of the date for the finalization of registrations to the Cadastral Register.

In a bill of the Ministry of Digital Governance entitled “Simplification and acceleration of the transfer of properties and faster resolution of outstanding cadastral issues” which will be submitted to the Parliament shortly, so that it may be voted by the end of the year, November 30, 2024 is set as the new date for the expiry of the general deadline of the cadastral registration.

This means that, for the next 12 months, it will be possible for those who haven’t declared their property in the Cadaster to do so, even if the cadastral registration process in their region has ended. Also, the possibility to correct any inaccurate registrations will be given to the bona fide owners of 35 regions which include Vrilissia and Elefsina and the bigger part of Drama, Veria, Trikala, Xanthi, Kalamaria, Kalamata, etc.

The Cadaster will provide property information 

Regarding the abolishment of the Municipal Property Tax Certificate for sales and purchases, the aim is to reduce bureaucracy for property transfers since, in some cases, it would take months to obtain this document from the municipalities.

According to the provisions of this bill of the Ministry of Digital Governance, the Hellenic Cadaster undertakes to inform the municipalities regarding the surface area of the property whenever there is a change of ownership within its borders. Then, the municipalities can ascertain the tax and it can be collected by the Public Revenue Agency (AADE).

In the framework of the simplification of processes, the need to provide multiple extracts of cadastral diagrams for the same property is abolished.

Incentives to the Cadastral Offices to achieve targets

In the same bill, and in order to accelerate the registration process for other acts which are handled by the cadastral offices (hundredths of thousandths of applications have amassed), the right to sign is given to the deputy supervisors, the supervisors of the legal service of the organization and clerks of the Panhellenic Association of Legal Professionals, with a supralocal competency, while financial incentives will also be instituted for the achievement of targets of each Cadastral Office.