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We guarantee total confidentiality to all our customers and the assurance that our project manager and the translator assigned to it, are they only ones viewing the documents that are being translated. You may request a quotation for any translation either: by e-mail info@icsgr.com or fax 416-391-0091 and we will contact you promptly.


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Quality Warranty


We place particular emphasis on translation, processing and presentation quality. Our in-house translators are experienced and highly qualified; most hold post-graduate degrees. Members of our team translate from the source language into their mother tongue and their work is always proof-read by a second in-house specialist.

We pay particular attention to each client’s individual needs and special instructions, producing exactly what the client needs, on time. We have streamlined administration procedures minimizing the need for correction at later stages; thus we maintain positive and satisfying working relationships with our clients. On the rare occasion when an error in spelling or terminology slips by our editors, we will make corrections immediately and with no additional cost to the client.


Certification and notarization


We can also arrange for the certification of your documents for use in Greece, Canada and the United States of America. 


Rates and Pricing


Our aim is to provide our clients the best price for the value of our services. To this end, our rates are both reasonable and competitive. Because the translations are completed by in-house translators we are typically able to offer prices below the industry average. Our rates vary according to the degree of difficulty of the material, the volume and time constraints. They usually range from $CDN 0.16 to $CDN 0.24 per word or between $CDN 25.00 to $CDN 50.00 per page. Once we have reviewed the material to be translated we will provide you with a free and exact quotation and time of delivery. You may request a quotation for any translation by mail, e-mail, or fax and we will contact you promptly.


Turnaround Time


Under normal circumstances all standard translations are completed within one business day. Standard translations include the following: Short memos and letters 1-2 days Single page certificates and other texts 1-2 days 1,000 – 1,500-word documents 1-2 days Depending on the complexity of the material, our existing workload, and other extenuating circumstances, turnaround time may vary as follows:

File Formats

Our preferred working file format is Microsoft Word for Windows and normally translations are completed and delivered as such. We also, upon request, accommodate other formats, such as: PowerPoint, Excel,  Adobe Reader, HTML and many others. We can receive your original materials in digital file format, electronically by e-mail as attachments, CD-Rom, or floppy disk. Alternatively, we can receive printed materials delivered or faxed to our office. Upon completion of work, the customer may obtain the translation as a hard copy (mailed or faxed document), as an e-mail attachment, or on a floppy disk. Translations of audio-video material can also be delivered in the aforementioned forms.


Confidentiality Assured

We recognize that our clients’ documents contain personal and sensitive information. As such, we guarantee total confidentiality to all our customers with the assurance that the project manager and assigned translator are they only individuals to view the documents.