In addition to the 12,000,000 who live in Greece and Cyprus, there are over 7,000,000 Greeks living abroad. This represents a significant market. Tailoring your product or service to this specific market necessitates not only that companies communicate effectively in the Greek language, but also that they have an understanding of Greek culture. Let ICS provide you with the expertise, resources and knowledge necessary for your company to successfully reach that market.

What Is Localization

Localization is the cultural adaptation of a product or service to ensure that it is consistent with the specific socio-cultural and legal requirements of the target market. Localization involves tailoring a product to specific markets in a process that goes beyond translation to address the contemporary and colloquial use of the language and cultural nuances, such as notational conventions and differences in symbols, color associations and payment preferences

Localization into Greek languages
Website Localization

We provide localization into the Greek language. ICS specializes in localizing marketing communications such as:

Over 50% of all Internet traffic is from non-English speaking countries. We can help you develop a truly global Internet presence by translating your entire website or just key pages.

When you make the decision to localize your website in the Greek language, there is more involved than just the translation. ICS will integrate the whole of your website cohesively into the Greek language imparting it with Greek culture.