Real Estate Management


Integrated Consulting Services (ICS) is the largest North American Consulting Firm for the provision of Real Estate Management in Greece.

With offices and representatives in Greece, Canada and the U.S.A., ICS is in position to offer a comprehensive package of services to best utilize and exploit your property in Greece. Our Firm provides full legal representation, financial management and technical support in Greece.

Because you live abroad, do you experience difficulties in:
  • Finding a good tenant?
  • Collecting rent and paying your bills on time?
  • Monitoring and abiding by the contractual terms and obligations of a lease or any related Greek law?
  • Maintaining in good condition or repairing your property?
  • Protecting your property from damages or trespassers?
  • Resolving legal issues and executing real estate transactions, accepting inheritances and transferring properties to your children?
  • Managing your day-to-day affairs before any Public Utility Company, Revenue Agency, Government Agency or Authority in Greece?
  • Filing your tax declarations
  • Issuing a Tax Identification Number (AFM), AM.KA. and being properly represented before any Tax Authority or competent Court regarding any matter, anywhere in Greece?

Whatever your real estate needs are, we will assist you every step of the way.

Our services include property search consulting, leasing, buying and selling as well as property appraising.

As our client you will have access to advice from our network of top professionals in the fields of law, finance, accounting and engineering.

ICS will provide you the best possible solutions and take care of your business in Greece in a simple, lawful and effective manner.

Our comprehensive package of services include: the advertising and showing of any unit for lease, the screening and selection of suitable tenants, the collecting of rents, the paying of bills and performing all required repairs and maintenance.

We make money when you make money so we work hard to protect your property!