New Law Regarding Acts of Civil Status

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New Law Regarding Acts of Civil Status

Implementation of the provisions of chapter C’ of Law 4674/2020 (Government Gazette 53/Α΄/11-03-2020)


We would like to inform you that, as of January 1, 2022, any acts for events (births, marriages, deaths) which occurred abroad and concern Greek citizens, as well as any changes and corrections of such acts, will be registered by the paid Greek Consulates directly in the “Citizens’ Records” platform.


As an exception, any consular acts, which have been drafted until 31.12.2021 and acts of the local authorities abroad which were issued until 31.12.2021 and an appointment has been made by our service prior to 31.12.2021 continue to be registered at the Special Registrar’s Office.


Also, any changes in civil status as well as any corrections concerning acts which were registered at the Special Registrar’s Office, are registered at the Special Registrar’s Office.


Furthermore, some civil status events which occur abroad, and concern Greek citizens may, in some exceptional cases, be registered by the Special Registrar’s Office and by competent local Greek Consulates. These cases are described in Joint Ministerial Decision under no. 45927/18-6-2021 (Government Gazette 2705/Β΄/24-06-2021). This is not possible, however, in cases where the Greek Consular Authority must draft an original act, in accordance with circular decision 697/2021 of the Directorate of Civil and Municipal Status of the Ministry of the Interior “Amendments to the legislation on acts, access of Greek Consular Authorities to the ‘Citizens’ Records’ platform” (Internet Posting number:67ΝΒ46ΜΤΛ6-4ΘΧ).


Moreover, the Special Registrar’s Office can draft reports on the change of civil status of Greek citizens which occurred abroad in any of the cases of sections a, b, c, e and f of paragraph 1 of the aforementioned Joint Ministerial Decision, as well as informative reports in cases of divorce by mutual consent pursuant to a notarial deed in Greece (article 1441 of the Civil Code), provided that the marriage which is dissolved has been registered in the “Citizens’ Records” platform by a Greek Consulate as of 01.01.2022. In these cases, the citizens may contact either the competent local Greek Consulate or the Special Registrar’s Office.


Unpaid Consulates do not have access to the “Citizens’ Records” platform, and can therefore no longer draft acts of birth, marriage, death.


Special Registrar’s Office Department of the Directorate of Civil and Municipal Status of the Ministry of the Interior


Postal address: 60 Mitropoleos St., 105 63 Athens

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